Saturday, October 11, 2008

And What Exactly Is That?

Stephane Dion said...
By taxing non-productive, pollution-heavy activities while at the same time cutting personal and corporate income taxes, Canada will create jobs and stimulate growth, Dion argued.
What activities are those? What is a "non-productive, pollution heavy activity"? Anyone? Anyone? Behuler?

The only two I can think of are Question Period and the CBC...

Non-productive, pollution-heavy activities... that's almost as sketchy as Commie Jack Layton's one liner about "The real economy", which is nothing more than socialist double speak for the miraculous creation of jobs without any corporate involvement (because they've all been taxed into receivership or moved to Mexico, where they have some rights).

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Anonymous said...

Let us not forget the immortal words of Mr. Layton....."now is not the time for the cold-hearted attitude of letting people sink or swim" Perhaps if people were allowed (forced)to be responsible for their own actions (or inactions)they could be trusted to swim on their own. Then perhaps, those of us who do actually choose to swim, would not be forced under the surface,by taxes and EI and any other "floatation devices" put in place to assist FLOATERs (Fat Lazy Obnoxious A**holes That Evade Responsibilty)