Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two Prophetic Passages

Now referring to Ayn Rand as a prophet is sublimely ridiculous to anyone but the most ignorant provocateur, but doing a little light reading last night I came across these two passages in the essay titled "Egalitarianism and Inflation" in her book "Philosophy, Who Needs It?" and though not a prophet, Rand, in championing real, true and unhindered laissez-faire capitalism certainly seems to have glimpsed the troubles we find ourselves drowning in today...

"While the government struggles to save one crumbling enterprise at the expense of the crumbling of another, it accelerates the process of juggling debts, switching losses, piling loans on loans, mortgaging the future and the futures future. As things grow worse, the government protects itself not by contracting this process but by expanding it."

Sound familiar?

How about this?

"It is at a time like this, in the face of an approaching economic collapse, that the intellectuals are preaching egalitarian notions. When the curtailment of government spending is imperative, they demand more welfare projects. When the need for men of productive ability is desperate, they demand more equality for the incompetents. When the country needs the accumulation of capital, they demand that we soak the rich. When the country needs more savings, they demand a "redistribution of income." They demand more jobs and less profits-more jobs and fewer factories-more jobs and no fuel, no oil, no coal, no "pollution"-but above all, more goods for free to more consumers, no matter what happens to jobs, to factories, or to producers."

Those who don't/can't/won't listen to reason are doomed.

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JP said...

Very true, but people have been learning and teaching non-reason for many generations--they're now very good at it.

However, keep posting--you're reaching some people at least.