Wednesday, April 15, 2009

87% Of Canadians Will Never Check The "Facts"

I woke up this morning to find this, a complete and utter repudiation of everything I have come to believe about how the free market would out perform the welfare state.

So, that's it folks. I'm done. How could I ever have thought to question the wisdom of state run services. Why, I've been such an ungrateful citizen. I should just be hauled off to a frost-bitten gulag somewhere... How dare I dream about being permitted to spend more of my the states hard earned money? Mea culpa.

Rest assured fellow sheeple, once I have been sufficiently reeducated I will redouble my efforts to praise government indoctrination our public education system, the tax supported cultural and racial partitioning of Canadians multiculturalism, and the black hole of our lord and master the healthcare system.

I've been such a bad, bad Canadian taxpayer.


Valuing public services — benefit vs. cost

With limited exceptions, public services are not exchanged in markets. As a result,
they cannot be valued at market prices the way privately-produced goods are. Furthermore, most public services are public goods, in that the benefits from the service cannot be isolated to an individual who purchases the good or service. That is obviously the case for services like public health, for which there is generally no individualized benefit.


So when the "news" article says...
"Canada's average middle-income family would have to spend more than half its paycheque to buy health care, education and the other "free" public services now paid for with tax dollars..."
that information is in fact unsupported and unprovable by the studies own admission? In fact all of those handy figures, "80% of the population" here, "the majority" there, "63%" of this that and the other thing are unfounded interpretation?


On further, cursory study I see that the study is 40 pages long, yet there is no bibliography. It backhandedly cites 4 sources in the "NOTES" section on page 40, one of which is from the same left wing thought tank that produced this vile little piece of newspeak. Another is from the OECD entitled “Growing Unequal? Income Distribution and Poverty in OECD Countries”. (what the hell does that have to do with the cost of Canadian public services?). The 2 remaining sources come from Statscan which should be an unbiased source of information, but you know what they say about statistics...

This 'study' is an exercise in political gamesmanship and statistical masturbation. It is intended to cause a stir, to repudiate the claims of free market thinkers and to be propagated by the mainstream media. It has lived up to it's purpose.

JUST THINKING - This whole thing raises another question, though probably not for the first time. The question is, that with all this marvelous technology at their fingertips,(it took me 2 minutes it took me to track down this study and link to it on the web) how come the main stream media still doesn't put links to actual sources in their articles?

They claim their job is to educate the masses, to ensure the story gets out, but do they really care about doing that?

From my point of view all they really do is regurgitate press releases and play their own games, spinning the story whatever way they feel will generate press, further their own political ideology or worse yet, push it at us as "infotainment".

And they wonder why their industry is circling the drain of history.

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