Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Honduras Falters

Honduras' adherence to its own laws and constitution falters in the face of overwhelming opposition and international pressure. It's a travesty of law and a victory for the kind of politically correct collectivism which erodes real rights the world over.
"U.S. President Barack Obama said from Moscow early Tuesday that the United States backed Zelaya's reinstatement "even though he has strongly opposed American policies."
This statement doesn't surprise me. After all, Obama strongly opposes the ideals America was founded on.

From Honduras Abandoned at least it seems that the people of that country still want their constitution respected. Rallies occurred in cities all across Honduras, one protest organizer commented...
"that this is a pacific demonstration from the Honduran citizens, and that this is not the result of what has occurred in recent events, but has been gaining momentum over the course of two months. Mel Zelaya is a totalitarian and wanted to run a vote on Monday (June 29) that was contradictory to the Constitution. The Honduran Supreme Court had warned his Zelaya that his actions were unconstitutional, and the two political parties united and voted to remove him from office."
When the people of Honduras are chanting "Out with Mel" why are our leaders doing their damnedest to oppose their democratic will?

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