Monday, September 21, 2009

Ghosts of Liberals Past

This has me wishing that the end of this repackaged, uninspiring, sophomoric, oh-so-70's exercise in Trudeausocialism, turned policy nightmare would be Ludwig von Mises kicking Ignatieff's ass all the way back to Harvard.

Aside from that daydream... this article also exposes that revisionism is alive and well in the Liberal camp.

When this economic downturn started PM Harper attempted to stick to his conservative roots and to not play Keynesian Russian Roulette with taxpayer funded bullets. However, Jack Layton almost screaming in the House of Commons that "something had to be done for the workers", accompanied by much Liberal gnashing of teeth and beating of breasts demanding that "something be done for the economy" was enough to ignite the PM's pragmatic (and wholly political) survival instinct... Hence the hole being dug by politicians today, to be filled with taxpayer money tomorrow.

Truth be known that I agree with Mr. Ignatieff, the deficit is too high and the Conservatives are spending all too wildly. But Iggy's assumption that his own spending plan will not create such a deficit, and further that the money he is planning on spending will actually (miraculously) shrink the deficit is the kind of mental gymnastics that leads one to think that he can have his cake and eat it too.

Kelly McParland at the National Post takes the time to kick Ignatieff for both Ludwig and I...
How can they be hard-hearted tightwads and loose-spending wastrels at the same time? They're pouring money into the economy, which is bad. The Liberals would spend more, which is good. Interventionist government is good. But interventionist government by Tories is bad. We have to reduce protectionism. But anyone tries to buy a Canadian company and we'll drag them in front of a review board.
I don't get this Ignatieff guy. I can't figure out what he believes. Because I don't think he knows.
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Sussannah said...

Speaking of Ignatieff, have you seen this ad that popped up on Youtube last week?

Zip said...

That's all ancient history Sussannah and the Conservative hammering away at that stuff is only going to encourage those who were going to vote for them anyway.

If Harper wants to win a majority he has to do it on the issues of today, he has to paint himself as the only guy that is going to let Canadians keep and spend their own money.

Layton, Duceppe and Iggy all want to take my money and then give me back what they think I deserve. They are the "government knows best" crew, Harper has to distance himself from that and tell Canadians that they know best how to spend their own money.