Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Say No to "Fair Trade"

I've always avoided "fair trade" products, equating them with collectivism and anti-industrialists, this article proves my assumptions correct.

Capitalism and freedom remain the best and surest road to prosperity.

H/T Diana at Noodlefood


Anonymous said...

You and my pastor are on the same page. I on the other hand am a rich american who wants to help the poor and see fair trade as a good way to help the poor. I'm not into just giving people money, at least with fair trade they are working. If a big corporation isn't around to organize mass production, do we just tell these people too bad?

Zip said...

I have no problem with charity, an individual is free to do what he wishes with his own money. The Fair Trade ideal is what is stopping true progress though, by demanding that farmers not be a part of a conglomerate or a cooperative, keeping them basically at the subsistence level of farming. Read the article.

If you really want to help might I suggest Kiva... As the saying goes, a hand up not a hand out... or to paraphrase a religious line. Teaching the man to fish. :D