Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Facta Non Verba

Remember, Canada's health care system is just as good as any other...


Fat Arse said...

So? Your point?

Zip said...

Well, Danny boy is a part of the club which is to say governments at all levels that demand that we be locked into a "universal health care" scheme that is neither universal (not everyone can get their treatment paid for... if your condition is deemed too expensive or too rare you are out of luck) nor free (40% of all of your taxes go into health care which is spent on everything from surgeries to handing out needle kits to drug addicts with no control or input from you).

So the vast majority of Canadians (paying such large sums in taxes) can not afford to do as Danny "Millions" has done and skip the que and run to the US where he will get the best treatment in the world.

Do you know why the US has the best treatments? Because they have a capitalist system. There is a profit motive.

The Hospital has to perform, it has to be efficient and innovative or it will go out of business and the other hospitals will get all their clients.

Competition also breeds efficiency.

That isn't the case in Canada. In Canada crappy service and sub-standard facilities are the norm because the government controls the purse strings and we,the common people don't have a choice.