Friday, May 14, 2010


There has been a lot of noise in both politics and the press over the English Coalition. The press and opposition have bent over backwards to try to demonstrate that the British coalition is oh, so much more democratic. "Don't you see..." they say breathlessly "the British know how to compromise... I wish we could learn to."

Ok, enough drivel.

Would someone please tell me in what practical way the Harper Government doesn't have to compromise? Harper is leading a minority parliament which could be brought down on any of a number of issues. The Harperites have to walk a fine line between what they as a party would like to implement and what they as a government will be able to implement. Compromise? Their continued existence as the government relies on their ability to compromise before they can even put a single contentious issue to a vote.

How is the British coalition any more of a compromise? Once the coalition is up and running, once the two parties in this bastardization have decided on a platform they will, have a virtual majority in parliament. Sure they will compromise between themselves but as for the Labour party to use a Brit retort the reply is… “Get stuffed!”

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