Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Only By Permission #3

"A right is the sanction of independent action.
Only a slave acts on permission."
Ayn Rand

Where watching what your kids eat is something the state does for you...


The United States has long been one of, if not the freest country in the world.

Now I'm not measuring or basing that opinion on some UN inspired leftist notion of equality of outcomes or so called social equity. No my yardstick is much simpler, it is ones right to life, liberty and property. You know, real individual rights, not the wet dreams of some social engineer or cloistered communist academic.

But I can't help but notice that the Americans - largely unaided by their current government - are leading the charge toward the ultimate inversion. From Home Owners Associations restricting everything from the colour of doors to flag flying with fascist zeal, to the passing of plebiscites restricting this or that based on the campaigns of vocal minorities,
Americans are legislating themselves (and their neighbours) into servitude with startling precision and regularity.

Am I completely mistaken in thinking that the American "live and let live" attitude has been replaced by "Do as I do...or else."?

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