Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Only By Permission #9

"A right is the sanction of independent action.
Only a slave acts on permission."
Ayn Rand

Where soap bubbles breaking on the skin of a police officer constitutes assault.

There is a legal right in this country to demonstrate, it's nothing less than a hallmark of a modern liberal democracy. I personally disagree with the reason for the G20 demonstrations I believe that most of the people doing so are on par with loony conspiracy theorists. The right to peaceful protest aside, I absolutely believe that anyone destroying property or actually and physically assaulting a police officer (or anyone else) in the course of any demonstration ought to be thrown in jail. Full stop.

But... assault by soap bubble?

And now there is this... The Officer in question has launched lawsuits aimed at people who commented on the YouTube video for defamation of his character, something he ought to realize he did all on his own with his ridiculous overreaction.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Well, I wonder if I will be sued for making a comment here. Officer Bubbles is clearly a petty dictator type, lording it over others like only a minor official can. Ugh.

Zip said...

Elisheva, I have no doubt that if Officer Bubbles could extend his jurisdiction to Texas that he would try... As Bugs Bunny would say... "What a maroon"