Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Giftmas...

Giftmas is a term that has been used to take the Christ out of Christmas as it were.  It's been derided as the ultimate commercialization of the holy Christmas holiday season and as such, a distasteful greedy expression of the worst capitalism has ever stood for.

But for me the commercialization of Christmas is the reason to celebrate...

Think about it. 

We spend our lives working, trying as hard as we can to achieve something.  Whether that achievement is some measure of fame, fortune or some other expression of our happiness, our life, our purpose.  
The commercialization of Christmas is a yearly expression of our success, of our achievement throughout the rest of the year, of our happiness.  We spend our money and our precious time buying things for our loved ones, and enjoying their company, feasting and partying and making merry. 

The products we buy are the product of the labour and creation of all those people around us.  They are in effect the essence and cause of our neighbours, friends and coworkers celebrations as well as our own.  The arguable platitude that "tis better to give than to receive" is not so altruistic if you consider that we give our productive effort each and every day, but our giving is more than an expression of devotion, love or respect, it is an expression of our own pride, our own productiveness.

So don't lament the commercialization of Christmas, give, eat, drink and be merry because not only did you all earn it, you all created it.

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