Monday, November 12, 2007

Government initiatives, Choking off inovation since forever...

If global warming is unavoidable and linked to human activity then the fact is, that there is probably a fortune to be made innovating solutions to it.

So why have all business initiatives been so lacklustre, absent even?

Yes, some will say that it’s because the whole thing is a crock, but a stupid idea has really never prevented some enterprising businessman from at least attempting to make money off of it.

So why not now?

The answer is easy. The reform liberals and socialists are, once again, looking for government to do all the work, and weak kneed politicians the world over are obliging them.

With a crowd of government initiatives, forced regulation and social hand holding there is absolutely no wonder that business’s have been steering clear. After all, there is no better recipe for a blind-folded clusterf^*k than “government control” (oxymoron alert).

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