Friday, November 16, 2007

People Don't Kill People; Tazers Do!

Now some of you know that I am genetically predisposed to believe that Police are more apt to behave in accordance with the law than the average Joe. But anyone who has watched the video of Robert Dziekanski being Tasered by the RCMP would be hard pressed to see the mans actions from the time the RCMP officers arrived till he was Tasered as threatening. Upset, yes, agitated, of course, but threatening? One man with a stapler facing 4 RCMP officers does not constitute such a threat to the welfare of the police that any aid to their own physical force should have been required.

It astonishes me though, that the hue and cry from the population is more about whether to eliminate a predominately non-lethal weapon from the police arsenal than it is about the obviously flawed illegal use of it in this one case.

Wake up people. Without the Taser there are many more instances where a police officer might have to draw a real gun and shot some poor sod dead. And once you start playing with lead and gunpowder there is going to be bodily harm 99% of the time, not 1% of the time.

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