Saturday, December 8, 2007

Climate Heretic: More Hot Air, Less Logic

In Bali, Canada is asking that all nations bear the same burden in reducing greenhouse gasses. That means that all nations reach for the same target. If that target is 25% of current levels the entire worlds level of pollution would be reduced by 25%.

You would think that Canada, by advocating this inclusive position would be supported by the GHG radicals, but that is far too much reasoning for this bunch.

No, the same people that brought you killer GHG beer fridges, global warming holocaust speed-bumps and genocidal climate change divorce court think that is far too rude to ask those who contribute the most pollution, to lend a hand in cleaning up the mess.

Canada’s position in Bali is being called obstructionist by climate advocates (and our “loyal” opposition) but if the nay-sayers get their way and the developing world is given a free ride then Canada and the rest of the evil west could conceivably reduce their CO2 by 100% (by cripling our industrial output, energy production and basically reducing ALL economic activity to ZERO) and only reduce the worlds CO2 production by slightly more than one third.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Oh, another thing. Look at this picture. Now please try to tell me who is pumping the most crap into the air.

While I'm at it, I'm going to complete my Climate Denier Herecy by saying that per capita measurements are disingenuous and dangerous. All of us human beings breathe the same air, therefore if it is important for 35 million Canadians to curb our GHG output then it is statistically much more important for 1,000 million Chinese.

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