Friday, March 28, 2008

Breaking the power of the Progressives

The thing that I can't understand is that in the polls both Conservatives and Liebrils are very close to being tied. What could it possibly take for these people to see that party for what it is?

This interesting question was posed on, but I'm sure many people on both sides of the fence are asking that very question, and wondering how to change these numbers for their own benefit.

The past strength of the Liberal Party resides in the fact that many powerful groups benefit from the growth and implementation of "Progressive" ideology (i.e. government and quasi government unions, bureaucracies, government companies like the CBC and farmers and businesspeople who have discovered how to milk the system). These interest groups will go to very great lengths to maintain their hold on power. The Liberal Party and their beneficiaries have also discovered how to manipulate the population, using the promise of social programs to bribe the voters, inversion of language to disguise concepts (think about what "progressive taxation" really means, for example), and the use of ad hominem arguments and contrived scandals to suppress or eliminate debate on various topics. Controlling institutions like schools, the media and the courts also ensures things go the way "they" want. Progressives attempt to control the input, the dialogs and the output, just like every other totalitarian ideology throughout history.

For Canadians, the fight against the HRC's may represent the first crack in the Progressive's armour. HRC's operate as "Star Chambers" to enforce the memes of Political correctness, and as currently constituted operate beyond the law. Once this battle is joined fully, it may occur to many people that there are lots of other bureaucracies and government agencies which also infringe upon our rights and freedoms, and action must be taken against them as well. Political parties which have strong ties to these institutions also need to be taken down.

I know this is a battle which will be fought against with all the weapons in the Progressive armoury, and all the more difficult since most of these people and institutions have access to the resources of the State itself. There is a sea change coming as more and more people have finally realized that what is going on outside their houses and inside their lives no longer matches with the picture Progressives (of any political party) try to paint. The rise of the CPC and corresponding small Classical Liberal parties at the provincial level (Wildrose Alliance, Saskatchewan Party, Reform Ontario) suggests to me that enough people are becoming engaged and there is now a real chance this battle can be won in the end.

The Liberal Party is currently riven by internal divisions and lack of resources, but rest assured the Progressives will continue to prop it up so long as it holds the promise of power and riches. Once it is clear the Liberal Party no longer can carry on as a brokerage party and offer the spoils of the State to its supporters, they will desert it for the NDP, Bloc and Green parties to whatever extent they offer rewards to their supporters.

We'll either die free or we die trying.

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