Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fitna Update.

The vast majority of responses I've read to this movie waiver between a relieved sigh that the movie is not as provocative as feared, and insinuating that Geert Wilders is trying to provoke the violence that they fear.

My question, and the question that every rational person should be asking is; Is there anything in the film that is not true?

The answer is of course, no. So why defend the indefensible?

The fact is the people calling on us to not provoke are saying that we (the west) should just ignore the problem. They believe that if we just shut up and don't mention the fact that these people have sworn to butcher each and every one of us then everything will be okay. They seem to believe that we should ignore the Jihadists warnings because the possibility of them living up to their murderous ideal is so slim? They want us to spew inoffensive politically correct platitudes till we reek in the hope that the terrorists will suddenly like us.

Where have I heard of that policy being forwarded before?

Oh, I remember, only then the slogan wasn't "Don't provoke" it was "Peace in our time."


RyanTheEgoist said...

Not only are the things in this film not false, but up until the end remarks there is nothing to debate or get offended over. All it does is show verses from the Koran, and the actions of those people who truly believe in those verses. This could be a recruitment video until the last few moments.

Zip said...

The title could/should have been "Why We Fight"