Friday, June 13, 2008


Never mind human rights violations, torture, executions, mass murder, extremist jihadists or totalitarianism... That little old lady in Windsor Castle is the real concern.

Eliminating freedom and prosperity, one industry at a time.

Filed under "credible source"; Seriously, anyone paying attention to our casualty rate in Afghanistan or to the effectiveness of the Taliban resistance knows that this is the Taliban begging for their lives from the bottoms of their little rat caves. The Mujahideen these losers are not.

Google Couillard, now tell me we'd still be paying attention to this crap if she looked like this.

"Mr. Poilievre also suggested aboriginals need to work harder rather than receive more money." The first casualty of politics is truth.

And Canada's status as a totalitarian banana munching state without free speech, castrated by corrupt star chambers, fed by pompous petty bureaucrats who have never really fought for a right in their lives grows... Fire. Them. All.

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