Sunday, December 14, 2008

Atlas shrugging at last

American Thinker provides an interesting article that indicates (as many thought possible) that the election of an interventionist Administration and Congress would result in a John Galt strike. You can read the article here.

Perhaps the most telling paragraph is this one:

We have very little appetite to have our lives run by elected or un-elected officials like Barney Frank and Jamie Gorelick. We have no appetite to be taxed even more by the likes of Charlie Rangel. These clowns destroyed Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and our entire economy as a result. Congress, by their own admission, cannot even run their own damned dining room with a captive customer base! Some of them refuse to pay their own tax burden. Why in the world would we subject ourselves to their ilk armed with the unchecked powers of the Oval Office and both houses of congress and a massive army of bureaucrats?

They will stop the motor of the world! Be prepared.


RyanTheEgoist said...

Who is this guy? Who is he a voice for? Anybody?

I'm sorry, but some of the biggest businessmen are on their knees, begging to stay on the government teet or to get a lion share of it.
We've got few heroes who would do the right thing.

Thucydides said...

can find out more about the author here: