Thursday, December 4, 2008

Politics of Procrastination?

I really wish PM Harper had asked the GG to call an election instead of suspending parliament.

He said the other three were trying to put one over on Canadians, he said Canadians didn't vote for the TIC's (Three Idiots Coalition) but then he pulls the one stunt in the parliamentary bag of tricks that gives the opposition ammunition for their "it's only about his job" propaganda.

Prime Minister Harper should (In my opinion) have asked the Governor General for an election to clear the air, scheduled for about the same time frame (26Jan) as that granted by the prorogation. Then he should have kicked the living crap out of the TIC's on the basis of their dirty tricks and forcing another election through backroom deals and collusion before the fiscal update was even issued.

From what I've been reading it's my guess that here are enough people on all sides of the political spectrum that are angry enough about this coalition to swallow a bit of partisanship and hand the Torries a small majority.

Combine those ones with the ones that are just sick and tired of minority gong shows, and are looking rationally for the party that has it together enough to offer to form a majority and end the misery and I think the Cons would have won a majority by the end of January and we as a nation could get to the business of really seeing the forest through the trees.

As it is I believe that the Conservatives have only postponed the inevitable.

Neither Layton or Duceppe sounded like they would even consider PM Steven Harper again, and Dion's weak insistence on "monumental change" which the opposition (all three of the heads of this incarnation of Cerberus) have previously shown means the unequivocal abandonment of conservative ideals and policy in favor of socialist and progressive ones.

Welcome to groundhog day. See you all right back where we started on January 26th.


Richard said...

I disagree. Calling the election now, although satisfying to us political junkies, would have looked bad in the eyes of the electorate in general. The coalition would have played it as "Harper didn't get a majority and he doesn't want to work with us so now he wants a do-over!"

The media has downplayed the involvement of the Bloc and the concessions Harper made on the economic update and what he needs now is a little time to take his case directly to the voters...

Zip said...

As opposed to "the coalition didn't win the election and now they are trying to steal it!"?

Harper has obviously chosen the course you outline. The danger there is that it's 7 weeks till the house reopens and what, another 6 perhaps on top of that if an election is called?

That's a political lifetime, so much could go wrong.

Torry numbers are way up today it looks like Canadians have seen through the coalitions disguise. I'm not so sure that Canadians will remember their duplicity in another 13 or 14 weeks.