Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Betsy to Bistro: How the EU Saved the Seal and Ate the Veal

"They said they use guns or harpoons, and can't understand why their industry is considered less humane than cattle farming."
When will these people ever learn. It's not about how it is done, its about what it is being done to.

99.9% of people living south of the treeline could not imagine snuggling up to a live cow, but replace the bovine with a seal and the ooh's, ahh's and coo, cooing are enough to move Charles Manson to tears.

Even this article, which one assumes is supposed to be a supportive piece describes the act in such intentionally gory detail as...
"she had the heart pulled out of its furry, flabby carcass"

"she swallowed a slice of the mammal's dripping organ."

"wiped the blood of a freshly slaughtered seal off her crimson-spattered fingertips."
I mean for the love of reason, the author should go back to his day job which is apparently writing bad horror novels.

The comparison of seal to cow is an apt one. Seals have been harvested by the Inuit and Eskimo for at least four thousand years. Even the modern seal hunt off Newfoundland has been going on for more than four hundred years. Talk about a sustainable industry!!!

The reason for the EU's opposition is because the seal is cute, nothing more nothing less. The whole EU parliament should be corralled into a slaughterhouse to watch how their Veal Cordon Bleu makes the transformation from Betsy to Brussels Bistro.

Hell, I'll even pay for the barf bags.

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