Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lies My Government Told Me

A Comparison of socialized and Free Mixed Market Healthcare
"An answer in the negative is suggested by a comparison of the British National Health Service and California’s Kaiser Permanente found that Kaiser provided more comprehensive and convenient primary care and more rapid access to specialists for roughly the same cost."

"In 2002-2004, dialysis patients waited 16 days for permanent blood vessel access in the US, 20 days in Europe, and 62 days in Canada."

"Comparing cancer outcomes, the largest international study to date found that the five-year survival rate for all types of cancer among both men and women was higher in the US than in Europe."
Read it all.

It is interesting that this essay addresses the fact that pure cash for cash comparisons are skewed due to the way government accounts for the services rendered.

It's almost like they don't want us to know what it really costs...

NB, this is a comparison between Mixed Market and fully Socialized Healthcare. Too bad there isn't a completely Free Market alternative to compare both of the current choices to.

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