Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Less Than A Parent

Is this for the rights and interests of children or against the rights and interests of Fathers?

I understand the need to legally protect the rights of children in custody battles. Being minors their voice and interest can often be lost in their parents bitterness and sundry legal machinations.

But wouldn't it have been much more proper for Minister Nicholson to say;

"The interests of children must take priority over a father's a parents right to an equal parenting role after divorce,"

As spoken, the Minister is advocating the dismissal of one parents rights based soley upon sex. Many fathers already believe that in a divorce, the mother is given preferential treatment in custody and in today's day and age that is a crime.

The statement from the minister is nothing more than a glimpse at his own predjudice, and that of many other people. It is the predjudice that labels mothers as being the nurtuting, loving, child rearing masters of men, It is sexist, baseless, discriminatory and illegal.

It's high time that equality started to mean equality all the time for everyone in this country.

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