Friday, August 14, 2009

A Spade a Spade

There has been quite some fervor about the NDP possibly changing its name in the upcoming convention. The word is that they may drop the word "New".

Well, I for one would like to see them all change their names to more accurately reflect their political and organizational beliefs.

The NDP would call itself the Marxist-Socialist Party of Canada

The Liberals would call themselves the Pragmatic Socialist Party of Canada

The Green Party would call itself the Anti-technology and Advancement Party of Canada

The Bloc Quebecois would call itself The Xenophobic Communist Party of Quebec

and the Conservative Party would call itself The Utilitarian Social Conservative Religious Alliance Party.

Oh, The Freedom Party, could call itself The Capitalist Party.


Thucydides said...


Actually, the New Democrats should keep the "New" and drop the "Democratic" part of the name. Fits in with how they operate.

Chuckles said...

WOOHOO Freedom Party