Thursday, June 23, 2011

Selective Reasoning and the Modern Liberal Mind

The Mayor of Toronto is under fire for "skipping out" on that city's Gay Pride Parade.  This article lambastes Mayor Ford for missing an opportunity to show his support of the Gay community in Toronto.  The Mayor's excuse is that although the tradition of the Mayor to attend the parade during the Canada Day Weekend has gone on for 10 years, his family has one that supersedes and out dates that.

I have no problem with the Mayor's decision.  He, and he alone, must decide how to best divide his time between being a public and a private individual.  It's interesting to note that the people complaining about his missing the Gay Pride parade make no comment on the fact that he will also miss numerous Canada Day celebrations.  Does that fact make the Mayor Anti-Canadian?

Of course it doesn't and no one is suggesting it does, but the modern liberal schism that makes certain groups in society more equal (by virtue of past injustices) than others allows them to suggest everything from wasted  political opportunity to homophobia in the Mayors case.

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