Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No Tribute for Layton

Since his death yesterday the press and social media sites have been positively swamped with tributes to Jack Layton. So many times I have read in the last two days words to the effect that "although I don't support his politics, I respect his vision/passion/determination/tenacity...", etc.

I won't and can't say that.

Think about it, the act of being tenacious or determined or passionate is not a virtue in and of itself. It is the idea behind the drive that matters more. Would you praise Stalin or Mao for their passion? No, because their ideas were horrible perversions.

I can't even praise Layton's love of Canada, because his socialist vision of Canada would have been an aberration of individualism, a detriment to freedom and would have meant a devolution into nanny statism and a profound increase in the kind of progressive socialism that is an anathema to anyone who loves their personal freedom.

Does cancer suck? Sure, I lost a good friend to Cancer earlier this year. Is it sad when someone dies of a disease? Of course, but just as I wouldn't praise a con man for doggedly trying to deprive me of my money, I won't praise someone who's ideals and principles would mean the sure and steady destruction of my freedoms if they only had a chance.

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PrairieObjectivist said...

I do not mourn the death of Layton any more than I mourn the death of any other power-lusting statist that wants to crush my individual rights under the boot of an ever-more-powerful nanny state. The media campaign to bestow some sort of "progressive" sainthood upon Jack Layton is utterly repugnant.