Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's a quagmire!

57 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan since 2001 = quagmire

879 Canadians killed by guns in Canada since 2001 = Shhhhhhhhhh, go back to sleep.

So how long till Jack Layton asks the RCMP to pack 'er in and turn over the country to the World Social Forum so they can organize a mass singing of Kumbaya at Jane and Finch?


NB taxpayer said...

You're right, zip. I also think the media has done their part in over stating one side of the war.

They fail to mention the freedom which ia spreading throughout the region. For the first time, many women and children feel safe in their communities, not to mention, young girls are able to attend school. I think that is worth fighting for noe matter where one is on the planet.

true liberal said...

Security of life and property is by far the most important objective in Afghanistan. They are necessary to establish long-term order and the emergence of voluntary relations. Until then, social programs are irrelevant.