Friday, June 1, 2007

The Senate.

Listening to the dueling Senators on Mike Duffy Live last night while making supper I almost burned myself when the “Liberal” gentleman commented that the senate was unelected for a good reason (and here’s the punchline) …

To keep partisan politics out of that chamber of sober second thought.


Yup, that’s got to be it. The best way to keep partisan politics out of the Senate is to ensure that the members of the Red Chamber are appointed by an unelected Governor General on the advice of the Prime Minister who is the leader of the Political Party which won a plurality of votes in a partisan election.

What was that?

Now some of these fine gentlemen, (predominantly the illiberal Liberals) are intentionally delaying a bill that was approved and passed in the elected House of Commons, which would limit the terms of these same Senators.

Can you say self-serving, opportunistic or dictatorial?

1 comment:

NB taxpayer said...

Not partisan? However, let's remember that this comment came from NL Liberal senator George Baker, a guy who was not known for citing facts during his days in parliament. (ie "bullshitter")

Get real Baker, the senate is nothing more than an affront to federalism and democracy. It's only purpose in the past was to give the PM an arsenal of partronage ensuring "party talking point" MPs like Basker get rewarded. Brutal.