Monday, June 4, 2007

Our "unballanced" war effort in Afghanistan

"My message to the international community is to be patient, to take a realistic assessment of the ground realities of this country," he [Zia] said. "Here in Afghanistan, we shouldn't expect miracles because we are starting everything from scratch. We are literally putting bricks on top of bricks."

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But, realistic expectations are not what "Taliban Jack Bin Layton" and his warriors of appeasement rely on. They pin the hopes of the ignorant on best wishes, candy coated socialism and willful blindness to the vileness of those they seek to negotiate with.


NB taxpayer said...

As usual, the NDP machinery talk a good utopian game, but when it comes to reality, they are unwilling to listen to commonsense nor the people on the ground who are being affected in a positive fashion by our military efforts.

Zip said...

The whole idea behind the socialist shell game is that if you tell people often enough that 2+2=5 then they will forget that 2+2 has always and will always equal 4