Saturday, February 2, 2008

Can't Never Could Do Anything

NDP Leader Jack Layton says the Taliban cannot be defeated by international troops and there's no point continuing to fight an unwinnable war in Afghanistan.
"It's an endless mission. There's no end in sight. We say it's a dead end,''
I'm confused, is Taliban Jack Bin Layton talking about The Golan Heights? We've been there since 1967. That's a long time. Cyprus perhaps? 30 years and counting. Or is he referring to Bosnia, because we were there for over 15 years.
"Layton's emphatic statement about the futility of the mission comes amid a new push to present his party as the sole anti-war option."
Nope Jack the coward is talking about Afghanistan, because all morality, principals and integrity aside the real reason behind taking a strong stance on anything in politics is to distinguish your party from the rest. Right, wrong, honest conviction and human rights be damned eh Jack?

What a POS.

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