Monday, February 18, 2008

Coming at it from Another Angle

As I was reading this, and planning to share it here, the thought occurred to me that some might find this opinion at odds with the proceeding post and the scorched earth ideal in general, but that is not necessarily so. Just as there is more than one strategy at play in our current shooting war in Afghanistan, then we too must use more than one strategy to win the cultural one at home.

J.S. Mill argued vocally that in order to understand any freedom or belief, we must allow those who do not to voice even the most odorous of thoughts in order, not only that we would have a better understanding of our beliefs through confrontation and argument but that the stupidity, ignorance and even evil of the other persons belief or position could be made apparent to them.

To that end, I finally bring you to the quote I wanted to show...
thanks to The Gods of the Copybook Headings
"To win the war against Islamism we need only be ourselves and proclaim it loudly. At every turn denounce the violation of liberties and basic humanity. Every author censored, every women beaten, every daughter denied an education, in Karachi, in Tehran and in Mississauga. Speak loudly, speak boldly, have no fear of causing offense. The truth will set us and them free."

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