Monday, February 25, 2008

How Come Some Smart People are so Dumb?

Now I'm not an Economist, nor am I a fruit fly scientist but if the Government charges corporations billions of dollars in Carbon Taxes aren't the corporations just going to turn around and make consumers pay for it?

Yes, yes they are.

Perhaps if someone took the time to explain the economy to Dr. Suzuki in terms he might understand, like, oh, I don't know, perhaps in terms of an ecosystem with complex interrelationships between all the individual parts, then maybe, just maybe, he'd shut his cake-hole for long enough to understand that you can not severely damage one part of the system without suffering the consequences elsewhere.



Anonymous said...

The idea of Carbon credits is not about the environment, but about a global tax.

The globalists have just about succeeded in wrenching control from the people world-wide, and now they want a defensible way to pillage them.

The false economy they've instituted throughout the west needs a way to overthrow the last vestiges of entrepreneurship and honest business around the world.

Unfortunately, the 'liberal' elite have joined an obviously false cult of environmental regulation that leaves the big polluters essentially unfettered to continue toxifying our lands.

The people are dumb because they tend to believe what they're told. Repeat the lie that an oil refinery will be environmentally sound enough times, and many will believe it - regardless of any science, fact or reason.

This is especially effective when you've already generated a cultural divide over an unjustified war of aggression, facetiously linking support for the troops with support for big business.

They've divided and conquered, making us all slaves to the machine. That we have to pay for the machine is particularly egregious in my opinion.

Zip said...

It's not the globalists or the corporations, It's the collectivists and socialists who want yet another way to control the population through taxation and fear mongering. Taxation (any taxation) hurts business, it does not help it.

I can't argue with you that people (individuals) are not nearly free enough either politically or economically but from certain other points of your post I dare say that we would find little common ground as to what our reasons for believing that are.

An oil refinery may not be environmentally friendly but then again you can't eat crude oil. As opposed to the ethanol priests who see food crops as a way to reduce our dependence on oil.

What happens when the price of corn rises significantly with a corresponding rise in the price of other foods? What happens when more people begin to starve to death in Africa because farmers can sell corn for more to fuel producers than they can to food producers?

Just what "cultural divide" has been created by the unjustified war?(I guess you are referring to Iraq)

Support for the troops = support for big business? WTF???