Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cake Eaters

Let there be no question what this is all about. The reason this is an open letter is to encourage what I will call the Cake Eaters who wish to “have their cake and eat it too”.

The Cake Eaters are those appeasers who see no conflict between on one hand supporting the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and simultaneously call for us to abandon Afghans to a brutal theocratic dictatorship that executes women for being raped or stones homosexuals to death. Cake eaters are the useful idiots who though honestly saddened by our military losses call to bring the boys home, and blank out the reasons for the deployment and the end state of such a withdrawal, namely an Afghanistan ruled by terror and by terrorists. They are the 5th columnists, media whores to whom the phrase “If it bleeds, it leads” is a mantra and the so called experts who, armed with a degree and some limited facts use this pedestrian knowledge to maximize their political power and capitalize with media face time.

This letter (an ultimatum to the weak) is specifically designed to extol the efforts of the cake eaters. With the Taliban facing a troop surge, and becoming less and less effective they have switched tactics like besieged politicians the world over and turned from taking action in war to waging war through the media.

The attack on aid workers was a three pronged attack. It was designed to terrorize the aid workers, to restrict the aid getting to the poor, thus allowing the Taliban to then claim that the West doesn’t care about Afghans and finally it was used to stir the cake eaters into a frenzy of horror, righteous indignation and useless pontification.

I will not go more into the reasons for the attack, the purpose of this post is to expose the Cake Eaters.

By the way, for those that would disagree that the Media cake eaters act as a 5th column here in Canada I would draw your attention to the last paragraph of the article…

“It happened about two weeks after Canadian troops accidentally shot two children to death in the Panjwaii district of Kandahar, fearing the vehicle they were riding in was going to attack them.”

What does this tragedy have to do with the Taliban ultimatum? Nothing.

What is the parallel the writer wants to draw? That Taliban kill innocents but Canadians do to. (This isn’t a case of tit for tat, the Taliban are too weak and scared to attack soldiers that fight back, every time they do they DIE.)

What is the salient point that we are supposed to forget? That the Taliban TARGET innocents but that Canadians do their best, each and every time to avoid such accidents.

Cake Eaters… Watch out for them.

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