Monday, August 11, 2008

Sorry... I'm Not Sorry.

I’m not going to apologize for the ancient actions of long dead politicians or say I’m sorry on behalf of the nation for anything that our national ancestors did or didn’t do. Not now, not in a park, in the House of Commons or ever.

Canada is a country and its actions are a direct product of the beliefs, prejudices and insecurities held by the society and its norms at any single point in time. As times change so does the nation. One could easily draw a correlation between the death of a person and the death of societal ideals and norms. That is the substance of this issue.

The Canada that denied women suffrage, that attempted the cultural destruction of native peoples, that exercised discriminative immigration and naturalization, that imprisoned Japanese Canadians in their own country, that Canada is as dead as the people than approved, instituted, and carried out those chauvinistic, racist and xenophobic programs.

To all of those who for whatever reason want apologies, who want to see weak kneed historical hand wringing... grow up!

Get over your historical self-pity and insecurities and get on with your life in the here and now. Make use of every freedom and opportunity that Canada offers and live the kind of life that you want in this great country of ours.

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