Monday, August 25, 2008

So Many Names For Evil

Pogey, UI, Employment Insurance, Welfare…

I was talking to a friend of mine today. We’ll call him Lloyd.

Lloyd lives in Nova Scotia and after years of faithful service to the Canadian Forces he has moved on, and moved on in a big way.

He owns land (as much as you can in a country without property rights), trains horses, makes tack & saddles, grows blueberries and is a volunteer firefighter. Lloyd’s somewhat schizophrenic industriousness has led him to the point where he needs help. Hired help…

And in a province with an unemployment rate of 7.2%, 1.1% higher than the Canadian average guess what… he can’t find any.

No, it’s not that there is no one who “needs the work”, just that there are no workers. There are wastrels aplenty sitting in Timmies complaining about the government and a “lack of good jobs”, but mention a good, easy job packing blueberries in an air conditioned building for over minimum wage and heads drop, silence reigns and coffee cups seem to have taken on a deeper meaning.

Lloyd, and I are of like mind as to the reason why. It’s the system. The euphemistically named Employment Insurance system, it makes sloth a profitable condition and work a bad word.

The chronic users of the system are little more than junkies, hooked on our tax money, getting high on a life where they only work sporadically, when they must to get their next EI fix, and laziness is its own reward.

We, the people who do work 5/7 (or more) for whatever wage we can, call them the unemployed or if we are particularly dismayed, welfare bums. Lloyd calls them BFI, which stands for Bone Fucking Idle… Lloyd was never given over to the niceties; he’d rather a name a spade than use verbal potpourri to hide the odour of his displeasure.

So, since Lloyd is one of my kind of people, I’m going to make a campaign like promise here in Anti Politics (cuz that’s what I’ve learned from watching those other people, you promise things to the people you like and hope that there are enough of them at the end of the day to get you THE JOB)… I’m going to scrap the whole messy thing.

No pogey, no EI, no UI, no Dole, no free rides.

***HIJACK*** Hmmm… Government free rides. This is an anti-concept. Free for whom? What about it is free? Why do we have the distinct impression that the Government is giving us something? Are they?

No, of course not. Every time you work, the government takes some of your money for EI and innumerable other things that they think are good for you. The only thing that’s free about any of them is that your money is ‘freed’ from your possession and use of it… Oh goodie! ***/HIJACK***

I’m going to scrap it all. Now the socialists peeking out from under their rocks begin screaming on cue;

“What happens when someone looses their job!!!”

Well, had they been paying attention they would see that I’ve said I’ll scrap it all. That means that none of us would be paying into the elaborate shell/con game of EI, and that means that all the money the government would have taken to ensure EI earnings for the person who had lost his job would have been his and his alone…

I suggest then that if he did not use his money effectively and if he did not save for a rainy day, as my mom used to caution, then quite frankly that problem is (as it always should have been) his. It’s a little thing called self-reliance and just like work, it isn’t a dirty word, and we need people willing to use and do a little more of each in their own best interest these days.

Scrap it all… for freedom in our time!

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