Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Danny's ABC's - Abysmal Bellyaching Collectivist

Oh... Danny Boy.

Danny Williams wants to have his cake and eat it too.

Screw him.

I'm glad that the PM has told him, in the interests of all of Canada... NO! Though I doubt any of the others would have had the balls to do it I at least hope that they see that it was the right thing to do... Well maybe not

As a Canadian I am sick and tired of having my taxes sent to Newfoundland so that a bunch of the people living there can continue to live in some perverted ideal of a fisherman's paradise where you only work during the season and the rest of Canada pays for you to live for the rest of the year.

NL now has a real industry that will generate real wealth and thats good for NL, but guess what, that means it's time to WORK for what you get, and for longer than it takes to get your pogey cheque.

So, Danny boy... go piss up a rope.

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