Friday, September 12, 2008

Trading away your rights

This has me pissed.

You know what I really don’t care who it’s for and who it’s against. All the Parties are wrong on fundamentals, some are just more wrong than others.

The thing that has me angry is that this is a corruption of the democratic process. You, and only YOU can cast your vote. That is why YOU… the individual having reached the age of majority have been given the franchise of a single solitary vote.

It is your vote to cast, where you live and for whom you honestly believe has earned it. It is not a right to a proxy, your parents couldn’t exercise your franchise before you turned 18 and this scheme is a perversion of the process, the ideal and the intent behind the most democratic expression of all, namely One Man One Vote.

I’m not big on calling for things to be illegal but if you aren’t allowed to sell your vote, why should you be permitted to give it away like a useless trading card.

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