Sunday, September 28, 2008

In a Mental Gulag

The thing Jack Layton has forgotten as he continues to mumble his socialist mantra is that in spite of their importance, in spite of their overwhelming numerical superiority it is not the middle class or ‘workers’ who create wealth and prosperity. That is the bailiwick of the “evil corporations”. It is a result of the ideas that spring from the boardroom table, not the kitchen table.

One single CEO creates more wealth and more jobs through proper management of his corporation than a thousand socially pampered working stiffs.

The other side of Layton’s disastrous ideal is the relatively new concept of tax competition.

As Nations strive to attract the best and brightest, the best and brightest in turn look for the places where they will be most free, and nothing says freedom like being able to keep more, not less, of your hard earned cash.

On the other hand human nature being what it is, I'm sure that those looking for a handout would look for the best handouts possible.

I forgive Jack’s ignorance of the ideal of tax competition. After all, if all your ideals were realized in all their horrible glory 91 years ago, and had subsequently imploded 19 years ago, you’d want to retreat to your private mental gulag, stick your fingers in your ears and bawl “Nanananana, I can’t hear you!” too, wouldn’t you?

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