Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ignoble Savages

Enough is enough. Jonathan Kay hits the mark here, but he waivers from the final goal in my opinion.

As long as we compartmentalize our justice system into racial (native sentencing circles), religious (sharia law) and economic (white collar/blue collar) crime then we will never have any justice.

If Christopher Pauchay can commit manslaughter and does not bear the same punishment as the drunk driver that mows down a family then there is no justice.

If we allow one religion to gain quasi judicial powers but then take children from the parents of other religious sects when they try to live by their own moral code then our justice is arbitrary.

If when a businessman defrauds his company, stockholders and investors he doesn't do his time alongside the bank robber and thief then justice isn't blind, it's a bigot, and we as a society remain ignoble savages

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