Monday, January 19, 2009

Tradition... The Killer of Ages

This article caught my eye today. The idea that the news, the real investigative reporting kind of news which Mr. Leger refers to is not free is a no brainer for me.

Of course Journalists should be paid for their services, and the cut and paste violations of intellectual and physical property in this country are especially disgusting to me. The fact that "everyone does it" is not an indication that it's ethical, or that it should be permitted.

What surprises most though is the hide bound thinking of Mr. Leger. He seems unable to envision viable journalism outside of the regular print media. Has Mr. Leger decided he's thought enough? That he's ENTITLED to be employed in the same manner to which he has become accustomed? That the world and commerce should stop it's annoying tendency toward progress? "Stop EVERYTHING!" he seems to cry... "I"m not READY to CHANGE!"... "I shouldn't HAVE TO!"... "It's our journalistic TRADITION!!!"

And indeed he doesn't have to. Mr. Leger is free, free to die right along with his current mode of employment. He and any and all that believe as he does, that change should be stopped for the sake of a dying trade, industry or ideal are free to stop, to let their steadfast hold to tradition kill them.

Newspapers as we know them with their pools of on staff reporters, pundits and editors are facing extinction. The modern world and modern information dissemination makes that an almost certainty.

But the future has a place for journalists and their ilk, and the smart ones will see and seize the opportunity. They may never be employed by a magazine or newspaper, their work may never see the inky reality of a paper copy but they will be free to write and sell their work to the highest bidder, be it a newspaper, magazine, blog or a 'free' daily.

Progress and intellectual theft isn't going to kill your industry Mr. Leger. Your mindset is.

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