Monday, March 22, 2010

Fighting for Freedom (The new American Revolution)

After months of trickery, bribes, backroom deals and outright lies, the Healthcare bill passed in the Congress yesterday.

American's will now have to fight for their freedoms.

The question is how to do so?

The answer seems so stunningly simple and obvious; massive civil disobedience against government healthcare. Do the ruling elites have the ability to function if two million TEA partiers refuse to pay income tax or buy "mandated" insurance? How about five million or so FOX viewers? How about 20 million Rush Limbaugh listeners? Courts would be paralyzed, all government functions would be shut down and there are not enough ACORN and SEIU brownshirts to enforce obedience (I doubt they are more than fair weather friends who would melt away at the first serious sign of opposition anyway).

As America goes so do we in Canada (and the rest of the world), so we need to see that light of freedom. Keep up the good fight.

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