Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Truth in Politics

This is ridiculous.

The truth is the best policy. This particular tempest in a teapot could be solved with a single, clear, concise statement from the government to the effect that;

Not all Members of Parliament have the necessary security clearance, or could even obtain the necessary security clearance to be privy to these documents, the re...lease of which could adversely affect our soldiers and our allies in the field, and Canada's National Interests at home and abroad.

The solution to this issue is quite simple, the government will establish a Parliamentary Armed Services Committee which will be a non-partisan committee consisting of government and opposition MP's who take the steps to achieve (and are subsequently awarded) the appropriate security clearances.

This committee will not be able to speak of or make public any information so classified but should any impropriety occur they can bring that matter before a similarly qualified and security cleared auditor or judge.

So why won't the government do it? Because if you tell the simple truth people will come to expect it and then this government (and every other government Canada is likely to have) is screwed.

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