Monday, May 21, 2007

Do you support the continued use of soccer stadiums as killing fields?

You have to believe them, because they haven't posted the questions yet.

Maybe I should ask the questions...

Do you believe in womens rights?

Do you like soccer?

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Zip said...

The questions have now been posted on the Strategic council's website. But isn't it considered leading if one question is prefaced by another with a definitely negative connotation?

Q: As you may know, there has been discussion about the treatment of Taliban detainees captured by Canadian forces and handed over to the Afghan authorities.
There have been allegations that they have been mistreated. Some people say that Canadians should be outraged by these allegations and that Canada’s reputation
in the world has been hurt. Other people say that the Canadian government and forces should not be held responsible for what happens to prisoners held in Afghan controlled detention centers. Which view is closest to your own?

Q: It has been suggested that Canada and the NATO forces sit down with the Taliban and try to negotiate and end to the violence in Afghanistan. Do you think this is a very good, good, poor or very poor idea?

You decide.