Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The UN: a gift (to murderers and terrorists) that keeps on giving.

I spent the seven most frustrating months of my military career in Bosnia under command of the United Nations.

Ceasefire violations by all the warring factions, and threats of violence against UN peacekeepers were a daily occurrence. Srebrenica was merely the bloody icing on a UN cake made of bureaucratic incompetence and unrealistic restrictions placed on soldiers.

At least two of my friends who were there in Bosnia were not the same when they came home, not because they were exposed to the stress of battle but because they were not permitted to do the job they were sent there to do.

When NATO with the US in the lead wrestled that failing mission from its inept UN handlers one would have thought that the UN would sort it’s house out.

But that was apparently too much to hope for. Waste and corruption, still reign in those hallowed halls.

You have to ask yourself how an organization who’s mission it is to protect refugees can allow the presence of any weapons within a refugee camp, much less the number of weapons required to launch a full scale attack on a national army?

The headlines today are empirical evidence that the United Nations should be permitted to administer nothing more complex than sixth grade class tours of their headquarters in New York.

Even then, parents would be advised to chaperon such events.

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