Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Power To The People

March the 28th is scheduled to be the third annual Earth Hour. I, once again this year, will be turning on every light in my house. As a matter of fact I think I'll leave the Christmas lights up out front so I can turn them on too.

Earth Hour is an anti-man stunt that is trying to stifle man in favor of the unconscious, unthinking planet we live on, and it is counterproductive.

How is environmentalism "anti-man"? You ask...

Ask any environmentalist where they stand on using nuclear power. The cheapest, cleanest source of energy man has yet devised. They will willfully ignore the truth about nuclear power, they will condemn it because the radioactive byproducts are harmful to the environment. Never mind that there are ways to dispose of that waste safely. Never mind that the green technologies haven't a hope in hell of replacing the amount of power we humans currently need much less what we will need in the future. Never mind that the billions of batteries that their so called green technologies so often rely on will require an environmental dump site that would dwarf Chernobyl.

That is anti-man.

Yes there are all kinds of environmentalists. Some environmentalists are right over the edge into terrorist territory like ELF, some are like like Al Gore, who is at most an annoying windbag with a pretentious power point presentation, but I put the lunatic fringe right right alongside with the Goreacle. I'll add in the ones that protest seal hunting too.

Speaking of seal hunting... More anti-man environmental BS. Talk about a sustainable industry, the seal hunt has been going on for over 400 years. It is no coincidence that when the seal hunt was stopped the cod stocks on the east coast were decimated, but that doesn't matter either, its better for the natural environment... Screw man he's evil... or didn't you get the rice paper non-toxix biodegradeable memo? All those people on the east coast of Canada and the US that lost their livelihoods can thank the non-lunatic enviro's and complicit hand wringing governments for aiding in the destruction of an entire industry. I'll say it again, the enviro creedo.

Screw man.

Some might say that when my lights all go on that its merely stupid, that its not a statement, that I'm not proving anything... no one will know... but, of course I disagree.

If just one person asks me why I will have the opportunity to shed some light on the other side of the story. And when they throw up the environmentalists straw man when the conversation is done and they have at least heard the other side of the argument, then that will be a statement worth making.

"But we're going to destroy the planet," they scream, "we're going to run out of resources..." I don't accept that point either.

The only way we as a species will ever reach the limit of human life that this planet is able to sustain is if we stop producing, stop thinking, stop using, developing and creating. That is really what the environmentalists want us to do when they ask us to stop using power, and that is the worst anti-man activity of all.

Power is what has enabled us to populate every corner of this globe. Power has made it possible for there to be 6 billion of us (and counting). And the production of cheaper and better power (made possible by the R&D departments of the corporations and companies that rely on the profits of power for their living) is what will win the environment a reprieve, not sitting in the dark staring at each other like 21st century cavemen.

So, Light it up on March 28th... Produce, use, develop, and never stop.

Power to the people!

Power FOR the People!

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