Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hey Religion, Go To Hell.

And take the UN with you...

You would think that of all the institutions on the planet where a piece of useless crap like this resolution would not pass it would be the UN.

I mean hell, these morons sit around and wring their hands when people are being hacked apart by machete's debating the meaning of the word genocide and seeing if the horrors being shown to the world on the BBC fit the bill... But ask them to pass a motion confirming the protected status of a bunch of peoples imaginary friends and they're falling all over themselves to confirm the unconformable and assign rights to the undefinable.

But wait it gets worse. Not only does this resolution open the door to censorship of non-religious views and free speech in general, they go farther, enshrining irrational beliefs as a human right and willfully abdicating and ignoring reality.

"In the resolution, the Commission expressed deep concern at negative stereotyping of religions and manifestations of intolerance in some regions of the world, and the frequent and wrong association of Islam with human rights violations and terrorism."

Really, my mistake... I must not have been watching closely enough and I missed the story about Catholic terrorists blowing up people in Pakistan, or the cowardly Buddhist suicide bombers responsible for 9/11, and the Hutterite militants that bombed the London subway.

Pardonnez Moi!!!

A couple of more days and I would have thought this to be a sick April Fools joke, but allas it isn't. The bigger issue here, bigger than freedom of speech, the "right" not to be offended, and even the existance of imaginary dieties, and the root of so many problems in our society today is the corruption of the concept of rights.

A right in order to be valid has one criteria.

1. It must be an individual right. It can not be collectivised. The reason is simple, no right properly called as such can impose through its existance a condition on another person. It can not make any positive demand, for to do so would mean that it conferrs upon one man by taking away from another. Thus there can be no religious, ethnic, social, cultural, sexual, national or tribal claim to a specific right.

This resolution smashes that ideal to pieces.

I for one will not comply. The next time someone stops me on the street to ask if I've "heard of the kingdom of heaven" Instead of being polite as I normally am, I'm going to tell him to go to hell. The next time some Jehova's Witness comes to my door instead of politely saying "no thaks I'm not interested" I'm going to tell him that I don't have time to discuss his irrational superstitions.

And just for good measure I hope this offends as many of you religious whack-jobs as possible.

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