Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome to Canada Mr. Galloway

There has been quite some row over the Canadian government's decision to not permit British MP George Galloway to enter the country.

Reading the comments left at the link above it is easy to see that on one side you have those who see his support for terrorism (in the form of actual financial aid to Hamas) as the antithesis of Canada's position and on the other you have those useful idiots claiming that this is the conservative government clamping down on free speech.

Now I'm all for free speech, pure unfettered free speech, without any trace of censorship of any kind. I don't want the HRC to tell anyone what they can and can not say. You want to spout ignorance and hate, go ahead and prepare to reap what you sow.

But what Galloway is doing is not speech. His financial aid to terrorists is not the equivalent of a hate filled pamphlet, hell... Ernst Zundel was a Canadian citizen and we kicked him out of the country for writing about the kind of hate that Galloway pays for.

When it comes to Jews, Zundel lied, and Galloway helps ensure they die. For that simple fact I say we should welcome Mr Galloway into Canada.

Further, I suggest he enjoy his stay in Dorchester at the request of the Canadian Government and in concurrence with our laws.

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