Monday, June 22, 2009

First Casualty Of The Left - Truth

This story doesn't document a retelling of the story, nor even a misunderstanding of the original event it is a bald faced, politically motivated fabrication.

What is Ignatieff's intent here?

The article's author suggests the only plausible one, to make this crime the responsibility of the nation... which is to say, make the white man responsible for every "evil" action taken, from the colonization of this land right up to the moment that Christopher Pauchay's innocent daughters drew their last fridgid breath.

This is the Left's ideal. They withdraw personal responsibility in favor of collective responsibility. When the time comes that no one man is responsible as an individual but everyone is responsible collectively for his actions, the government no longer has to concern itself with those pesky individual freedoms (and responsibility). From that point on our rights will be those printing press ones the government dreamed up for the Canadian Charter. Granted and denied at whim.

Life, liberty and property you say? Don't be such a philistine.

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