Thursday, June 25, 2009

Your Money is In It…

Because there is no money in it.

The reason why government is so hot and horny to “develop” the green economy, to “build” green jobs and “aid” green business is because there is no way to make a living off of these things.

If there were capitalists of all stripes, of any and all political, environmental and social inclinations would be tripping all over themselves for a piece of this "new market".

Think about it…

In a world where capitalists have us convinced to spend our hard earned dollars on bottled water when the stuff flows out of our taps almost for free, do you not think they would be making money hand over fist off the environmental craze if they could?

Just like Chrysler, your money is going to be put there by force, because no one wants their money to be there by choice.

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