Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Liberty Tools to build a virtual Galt's Gulch

Fighting tyrants is hard, as the anyone watching the news after the Iranian elections should know. Soft tyranny is even harder to fight, how do you storm the CHRC or effectively circumvent the "Fairness Doctrine"?

A new tool is in the works which might help; a browser based "darknet", which might as well be christened the "John Galt" net. Now freedom loving individuals can meet and speak without Big Brother breathing down their necks; a virtual Galt's Gulch so to speak:

"At Black Hat USA next month, researchers will demonstrate a way to use modern browsers to more easily build darknets — underground private Internet communities where users can share content and ideas securely and anonymously. HP's Billy Hoffman and Matt Wood have created Veiled, a proof-of-concept darknet that only requires participants have an HTML 5-based browser to join. No special software or configuration is necessary, unlike with darknets such as Tor. Veiled is basically a 'zero footprint' network, in which groups can rapidly form and disappear without a trace. The researchers admit darknets are attractive to bad guys, too, but they say they think these more easily set-up and dismantled nets will be more popular for mainstream (and legit) users."In somewhat related news, reader cheesethegreat informs us that version 0.7.5 of FreeNet has hit the tubes.

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