Thursday, June 18, 2009

Goverment Monopoly's Day Off

I'm trying to think of a single solitary instance where there was a demand for a product in a free market that was not satisfied.

Anyone, anyone...

It doesn't happen. Only when there is a monopoly or there is no longer a supply of materials can such a situation occur.

There is no shortage of uranium.

That leaves only one cause. Monopoly, and that is impossible without the government using its legitimate monopoly of the use of force to create an illegitimate monopoly in the realm of business.

But the issue is wider than just the case against government imposed monopoly, it speaks to the absolute inability of government to be effective in any long term business venture.

I can not imagine any business that controlled 70% of a market allowing it's critical infrastructure to literally disintegrate. Could you imagine Toyota allowing its robotic welders to become inoperable due to neglect?

But it is worse than that. The government, in creating this monopoly said in effect "This is too vital/important/dangerous to leave to business. We must control this substance. We will provide this service, you can rely on us..." then they reneged.

Government and business... separate them NOW!

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